I'd like to to order my 'Ladylike Jewels'

To order - Please send me an email at Callie.Proffitt@gmail.com. You will need to tell me the name of jewelry you'd like, the amout you'd like/set or individual piece, and size.

If you are out of state and your item is being shipped, add an additional $5 to the cost. Your item will be shipped when I recieve an email with payment information such as, a confirmation number for a sent money order, check or cash being sent in the mail. If you are local we can make pick up arrangements through email.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Ladylike Lewels

Pastel 1- $15

Pink and brown 1-$12

Meadow 1-$15

simple pastel-$15

Pretty in Pink- $15

Pastel 2-$15

Meadow 2-$15

Some how I managed to not take any individual pics of the blue and brown bracelet, however, Blue and Brown -$12